CEO Marcos Galperin was critical about Bitcoin

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Marcos Galperin CEO of Mercado Libre is critical about Bitcoin (BTC). This was all in an exchange of tweets on September 27.

On September 27, through an exchange of ideas on Twitter. Mercado Libre’s CEO Marcos Galperin said, „Bitcoin has an endless childhood.

Who is Marcos Galperin, and what do you think about Bitcoin?

In general, Marcos Galperin is known as the founder and president of Mercado Libre. He is also considered one of the main Internet entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Marcos Galperin, is an Argentinean businessman, famous for not keeping any secrets from himself. In particular, for talking plainly and simply about how he makes his money, to become a millionaire, using Bitcoin.

In fact, CEO Marcos Galperin is also a member of the board of directors of Onapsis. A leading company in security and cyber security of business essential applications.

CEO of Mercado Libre and his position on Bitcoin

It all started with a tweet from Marcos Galperin on September 27th. He showed a video that referred to how the Internet was in 1993.

„Gopher“ was the system we used at the University of Pennsylvania in those years to connect. Someone at the UBA would go online on Sundays and upload the football results. That’s how we found out.“

From that moment on, answers arrived to the tweet of Marcos Galperin. One of them was the user @send_sats, which calls itself HoneyBadger. Who made a comparison with Bitcoin.

„The development of the Bitcoin ecosystem is at a similar stage to that of the Internet at that time. Few people have the vision to realize the possibilities of a nascent technology.“

To which Marcos Galperin responded: „People have been saying this about Bitcoin for more than 5 years. It has an endless childhood“.

However, HoneyBadger said: „When what is built is the basis of a financial system capable of serving all of humanity. The important thing is not to make it fast, but to make it extremely safe and reliable“.

Similarly, user Diego Camps @Ironcamps, responded: „I share that the change is so great. That’s why it’s better to take as much time as necessary. I don’t know if it will be the Bitcoin but it will certainly be cryptomonies“.

Similarly, another user made a comparison from that time to how he feels with Bitcoin today.

We will certainly be watching the outcome of this exchange of ideas on Bitcoin. Between the CEO of Mercado Libre Marcos Galperin and his followers.

How to become a millionaire? According to Marcos Galperin

Obviously, in August the host of El Hormiguero, Pablo Motos, invited the CEO of Mercado Libre Marcos Galperin to the programme. To share his advice on how to increase profits. Basically, the entrepreneur revealed a big secret about Bitcoin.

„My recipe for success has always been to take advantage of new opportunities quickly and without hesitation. And right now, my biggest profit generator is an automated crypto-currency trading program called Bitcoin Trader.

Mark Galperin added: „I’m glad I tried it, because it must be the easiest way I’ve ever made a lot of money in my life. I’m talking about thousands of euros a day automatically.

Indeed, Bitcoin Trader allows you to benefit from crypto currencies. It also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), to automatically manage buying and selling operations. So you can earn money 24 hours a day.

Consequently, CEO Marcos Galperin encouraged all Spaniards to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Very important, before the big banks silenced him definitively.

As a curious fact, minutes after the programme ended, with Marcos Galperin and Pablo Motos, CaixaBank called to prevent the interview from being broadcast. But, it was already too late.

To close, do you agree with the opinion of the CEO of Mercado Libre Marcos Galperin about Bitcoin? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

I’m leaving, not before leaving you this sentence by Alex Tew: „You are what you publish on Twitter“.

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